Friday, June 26, 2009

Blast Off! We have a new web site... finally!

Wow - how many years has it been since we had a blog on our site? Let's just say the first system we used to blog with was Pyra Labs' Blogger. Anyway it was a pretty dope blogging tool at the time and it allowed you to publish your posts via ftp to your own server so you could have a blog page look like the rest of your site (as opposed to a template they gave you). And guess what you still can. And it is still free thanks to Google who bought Blogger in 2003. So guess what is powering this wicked blog? Yes good old Blogger:-)

We've redesigned our site about 100 times since 2003. For some reason or another, none of them ever made it online. Usually I like to mock-up my web page designs in Photo Shop and then pass those files onto Ed for mark-up. This time though I ditched photoshop for the design phase and instead just started building the site using the 960 Grid System. It was liberating to use a different method and avoid photoshop for all but the creation of the page image elements. I tried to keep this design minimal as is most of our designs. Its really a very very basic site. Just the way I like them.

The overall format is still the same, we have our work portfolio where you can check out some websites we've designed and the famous (okay not so famous) Artist Profiles which we've renamed Play... interviews.

More client samples...

More Play Interviews